Nearby Perspective Apple Watch

Is there a way to show the built in Nearby Perspective on the Apple Watch? I’d like to walk into the grocery store and bring up my grocery list on my watch to check of items.

If I have to create a custom perspective, what would its parameters need to be to simulate the built in perspective on iOS?

Yes I use it regularly. You can specify any perspective to appear as a special item on watch or if you leave your iPhone on ‘nearby’ it will show on the watch.

are you able to delete entries rather than mark them completed on the apple watch?

So just to be clear, in order to get a perspective to surface on the watch, I first have to pull out my phone and open the iOS app to that perspective?

I ask because it would be nice not to have to initiate something like this by pulling out my phone first.

No. You set up which custom perspective you want to see in settings on the AW app and then you’re good to go.

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ditto to @jdjansen it works really well.

Before I put in a feature request, I thought I’d just check that this isn’t already possible: I don’t want to use my one-and-only custom perspective slot on the watch for “Nearby”. But it’s frustrating that, when I arrive near a geofenced location, and get a notification that there are nearby tasks, I can’t tap on the pop-up on my watch and have it take me to my “Nearby” perspective. Instead I just get the standard watch face.

Am I missing something that’s already there? Anyone else interested in this functionality?

If you leave your iPhone open on ‘nearby’ perspective it will remain open on the watch app. This is what I do to avoid setting a ‘hard’ perspective in the settings.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but it would be rather bothersome to first have to make sure that my iPhone is open to the Nearby perspective. For me, much of the point of the Watch is not to having to fiddle with my iPhone.

What I’m looking for is a way of tapping on the “Nearby” alert on the Watch and having it display the list of Nearby tasks on the Watch. Seems like that’s the way it ought to work, no?

Yes I agree it isn’t a perfect solution. You have either leave your chosen list open on iPhone or enable it as your special choice in settings. I sometimes leave nearby open on iPhone for this reason, so I have available geofenced tasks always handy wherever I am.
I don’t particularly find this a bother but I can understand why you do.
Sorry I can’t be more of a help.