Nearby Tag Notifications

I can’t seem to find anything pertaining to tag nearby alerts for my question and have yet to try them when out.

Do you get notifications for all tags you have set up regardless if there are available actions or none? I don’t want to get overwhelmed with places I pass all the time, unless there’s an action tagged with it.

I’m using OF4 on iOS.

Any help would be appreciated,

There are two types of Nearby tags that you can use.

  1. No notification – only show when you look at the Nearby perspective.

  2. Notification when you arrive/leave the tagged location. These also show in the Nearby perspective.

In both cases, you only get shown the tag or notified if it has an action available. You do not get notified for/see a tag that exists but has no available actions.

Hope this helps.

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That’s awesome. I was hoping it would work that way.

Thank you so much @wightwizard

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