Need a Script for my audio files

Unfortunately, I don’t how to code, even I don’t know if this possible. I need a script to play the audio files I have in an OmniOutliner file.


Easily remedied, and a good time to learn anything, now …

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In the meanwhile, others may spot a scripting interface to the sound files which I am missing, but it may be helpful to bear in mind that:

  • an .ooutline file is a (usually zip-compressed) folder or ‘package’ which will contain an attachments sub-folder, in which you will find any recordings that you have made in .m4a format.
  • you can unzip a copy of your .ooutline automatically with a utility like or more manually by:
    • Making a backup of it,
    • changing its extension from .ooutline to .zip,
    • and double-clicking on it in Finder to unzip.

Thank you for all this great information, Draft8.