Need a way to get tasks from certain perspective in Omnifocus via a 3rd application

I am using Omnifocus 3 Pro on Mac now and I want a way to retrieve tasks from specified perspective in Omnifcuos and save them to a file every 10 minutes.

I know there is some way to run an Apple Script (now the js) in Omnifocus to retrieve tasks. However by this way, I have to manually run the script in Omnifocus.

Is there any way to run these script automatically and periodically? Or is there any other way to retrieve Omnifocus tasks automatically and periodically?

Thank you very much.

By the way, the background,
I am DIYing an app in a Raspberry Pi which drivers an E-ink screen. I want show some frequently using information on it, like calendar, weather and tasks from Omnifocus. My plan is getting a way to retrieve tasks from Omnifocus and save them to a file. Raspberry Pi app reads this file and display them on the E-ink screen.

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