Need advice on Reference Materials :

Looking forward for buying any one among the two mentioned below
a. Creating Flow with Omnifocus -2 by Kourosh dini
b. Omnifocus Video Field Guide 1.1 by Macsparky
Request members to please guide me to right resource.
Among these 2 resources I’ve considered to buy, which one do you think suits my requirements :

  1. Improve Focus on projects & Tasks in hand
  2. Improve how I define a project & task
  3. How u choose and create a context to work on
  4. Advice on how to setup dome key Prespectives, like Waiting for, Agenda,etc
  5. Some other good tips and tricks dealing with Omnifocus integration & Automation.

Those are two very different resources, imho. Dr Dini’s book is a comprehensive system, akin to having a personal coach helping you use OmniFocus as a tool. David’s field guide is, well, a very well-done, field guide. It is less lifestyle oriented. Both contain nuts and bolts help. Good choices!

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I feel like the Dini book covers your topics 1-4, but doesn’t touch on 5 at all because automation is a relatively new addition to OmniFocus. I know that the Sparks video covers automation, but I’m not sure how deeply.

If you can only spend money on one, I’d say the book is the better choice. I know that David Sparks has an OmniFocus course on Lynda that perhaps you could try out with a trial of that service.

Another excellent resource covering most, perhaps all, these topics is @timstringer’s LearnOmniFocus. It could be time consuming wading through lots of videos to find the bits you really need, but it should still be helpful.


I love all of the resources that nostodnayr listed. I believe I purchased both of Kourosh Dini’s recent Workflow books and the Zen and the Art of Work video course. All excellent! I have also purchased David Sparks’ Omnifocus Video Field Guide. Also, excellent! I am following Tim Stringer, and I may be investing in his excellent content as well. (I think I am addicted to this productivity stuff!) In my view, David Sparks’ Video Field Guide is a great tutorial of the nuts and bolts, along with his personal compelling perspective on task management. He also dives into several automation and integration options (e.g., Editorial and Workflow). Kourosh Dini’s work is also full of Omnifocus detail, but I feel it also takes a higher level view of workflow mastery. Whereas Sparks provides a “here are the details for making Omnifocus work and here is how I use it” tutorial (plus a lot of automation and integration), Dini provides a “here are the details and here are many different implementations you might want to employ” tutorial (with a little automation and integration). Sparks got me hooked on Omnifocus; Dini is helping me master it. Don’t forget: Dini’s Omnifocus text is substantially informed by his Workflow Mastery philosophy, which perhaps has global application. I think Sparks followed by Dini was the right order for me.

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