Need custom styles

I like OmniFocus, but the look of it is quite uniform and basically unchangeable. I would love to be able to apply custom styles to the different levels, just as I can in OmniOutliner: fonts, size, colors, bold, italics, etc. This would allow certain things to stand out more, and be more visually pleasing and useful.

Currently, I seem to be able to change font, color, etc., for the text of an item’s Note, but that seems to be all. (Or am I missing something?)

I’d like to be able to set custom styles for Projects and Actions. I’d like the action not be grayed-out when I indent sub-actions below them.

I’d like to be able to make some changes to specific text .,… and some changes app-wide. Again, just like OmniOutliner.

Of course, this is all about individual taste, so if you’re thrilled with how it looks right now, you wouldn’t have to change a thing. But giving us the option to set a customized style palette would be a major boon to at least some of us.


Agreed! I just downloaded OF2 and played around with the styling there.

OF3 looks hard to read in a dark environment.
And, also the very annoying “Projects” in blue at the top, or Tag etc.

I find it strange that OmniGroup removed the ability to stylish your number one app.
For me, using the white-mode is out of the question. The “Dark-mode” should be called Grey mode.

Now it feels like: “I know you enjoyed Porsche, your favorite car. Now we have a new version of it: It is called Porsche 3. You can choose grey or white color.”
“But I like black, can I get it black?”
"No. Sorry. "

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