Nested Projects/Tasks support for OF2 for iPhone?

Just curious as to whether this will ever be implemented.

The post from @BrianC has included this complaint, but I’d like to create a topic that has a more narrow focus on the particular issue (lack of nested tasks support).

To elaborate, a bunch of nested tasks here would be virtually impossible to see (in terms of a large ‘big scale’ view). I would have to browse to Task 1, to see the sub-tasks, and then task 2 separately, to be the sub-tasks of that.

Not ideal.

And if I have multiple task batches as well… it’s just a massive headache.

Nested projects/tasks support for mobile is possible (please see attached screenshot in the first post).

I agree that there is some work the improve the clarity.

The screenshot of Todoist, while a good example of what you’d like to see is also a bad example of doing multiplatform UI/UX design. While Todoist does a lot of things correctly, one thing they don’t do is design their user interface for individual platforms - they all use a stupid web wrapper. It’s actually one of the main reasons I haven’t given Todoist more of a go because I abhor the web wrapper in the Mac version (and the significant lack of keyboard navigation).

I believe Ken mentioned that The Omni Group was working towards making OF more scannable on iOS. I’m sure this will be taken care of eventually, but doubt you’ll get a timeline in writing.