Nested tags are inconsistent and I'm confused

Hi, I’m creating a whole new set of tags in OF 3 iPad. I have

  • Home
    • Family
    • Chores
    • Dogs

If I tag an item with “Chores” it gets two tags – “Home” and “Chores”

If I tag it with “Dogs” I get “Home : Dogs”

If I tag it with “Family” I just get “Family”

Three different tags, three different behaviors.

What’s the difference?

This certainly shouldn’t be happening. If it’s not a bug, there may be some reasons for it:

It sounds as though the parent project is tagged with Home. A newly created action in a project will inherit the parent project or action group’s tags.

The hieararchy (‘Home :’) will appear when there are two tags with the same name to help disambiguate them. Check for duplicates in the Tags perspective (you may need to change the view setting to show All).

This fortunately sounds like the correct behaviour. 😅

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I think its a sort of bug, from memory I think its down to where the tag is originally created, if its originally created as a top level tag and dragged into another its as you want it. If its created as a sub tag originally then it displays the tag path home:whatever

I know this was evident in the iOS beta but have not changed tagging munch since then, but I guess it’s still there

To clarify, when you add Chores, are you ending up with two separate tags (i.e. “Home” and “Chores”), or is the tag being displayed as “Home : Chores”.

If you have two tags with the same name then OmniFocus will include the parent in the name so that the tags can be differentiated. If you’re not seeing two tags called “Chores”, try changing the View setting to “All” in case you have a dropped tag with this name.