Nested Tags Coming?

Are we going to get nested tags in OO? Thanks, Ray


This is what I need. I hope Omni Group makes this for us.

Can somebody give an example? What is that? For what would you use it inside OO?

Nexted tags, also called in-line tags are tags that you can put in a sentence and instantly go to later. Here is an example

“Patrick Henry said “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” #liberty #freedom A foundational principle of the founding of our government is that freedom is more important than life itself. One wonders what they would think of COVID-19 restrictions. #civil_regulation.”

Omnioutliner would then have a tag pane that lists the tags. When click on that, it pulls up the references in the actual location. It just speeds up refrences. Workflowy and Dynalist do this very well.

– Ray

Very good point. And to a limited degree, Batch Find and Filter do versions of this.

Here’s an example:

“Thomas Paine would probably think that COVID-19 restrictions help prevent me from getting you deathly ill” #respect #commonsense"

OO wouldn’t have a tag pane that lists the tags - which I agree, would be preferable - but by entering #respect in the search field, and choosing Filter, it would show me just those items in the outline that have #respect. If I chose Batch Find it would show me a sidebar pane that lists just those items that have the tag.

That said, I like your idea of having a Tag Pane built in - saves the step of entering the tag in the search field and then choosing Filter or Batch Find.