New action command does not work in some perspectives

I am unable to create new actions using either the new action command or return in two of my perspectives - a Today view and a Due view. Any advice on how to resolve (other than using quick entry as a workaround)?

Hey there! Sorry about this frustration. At the moment, OmniFocus disables adding items directly to some perspectives, since it doesn’t have quite enough information to make sure a new item would appear in that perspective.

For example, consider a perspective with the “Due or Flagged” filter: how should OmniFocus make sure a new item goes into that perspective right away? By flagging it, or marking it with a due date? If the latter, what due date should it use?

I’m afraid that at the moment, using Quick Entry is going to be your best bet to get a new item into that perspective quickly. If you have opinions about how new items in these perspectives should work, we’d love to hear about them!