New Action: Project + Context Assignment (OF2/Mac)

New Action behaves differently depending on which section of OmniFocus 2 (Mac) you’re in.

New Action from Projects: Automatically assigns to the last project in your list.
New Action from Inbox: Does not assign to a project.
New Action from Context: Assigns to last populated Context.

I’m trying to set OminFocus up using the GTD_OmniFocus_2 setup guide and ran into this under the “Change Miscellaneous Project Name” section.

Is the best practice for OmniFocus to only enter new actions from Inbox?

I would say the best practice is to enter actions where they best fit.

If you think of something, it belongs where you are and you’re ready to process its uninherited bits (project or context, defer date, due date), go ahead and add it using ‘New Action’.

In the case that the action doesn’t fit where you are, requires thinking or processing that you can’t/won’t do now, use the quick entry window (control-option space) which puts actions into the Inbox by default.

You could switch to the inbox tab, too, but there’s no reason to lose your place. Quick entry allows multiple items to be entered at once, too.

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Great, thank you!

Sounds like I should be using the quick entry window instead primarily.

I want to avoid mental overhead when capturing new things and save the rest for when I come back to clarify.

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