New file format, will current oo3 files be converted?

If I upgrade OO for iOs to 2.10, will it convert, then start saving my current OO3 files to the new format? I would assume not, but just want to make sure before upgrading the iOs app - as I’m not using OSX 10.11 so can’t upgrade my desktop app to latest.

Just tested. Opened an OO3 file in iOS 2.10, edited, and saved. Then opened in OO5 on my mac. It was still in OO3 format.

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2.10 does not automatically convert .oo3 to .ooutline or vice versa. It will also only create new files in .oo3 format. You do have the option to export to the other format though. We didn’t want to cause any trouble for those still using it with OO4.

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Any feel for when OO for iOS will be updated to give the option to save into .ooutline? At the least, it would be a handy setting.

We don’t have plans to add the ability to v2 to pick what file type you want for new documents. We’re fixing a few issues with the 2.10 release but we’re focused on v3 now and that’s not an ability it will have either as it will use .ooutline by default.

Any idea when OO 3 for iOS might become available? The new flat file format would make cloud syncing with other services work much better (such as Dropbox). I also don’t see any requests for beta testers 😞

Looks like it’s time to revive this topic since v3 is out. I’m running OmniOutliner 3.4.6 Pro on iPad OS, and if I open a .oo3 file and make changes, it is still saved as .oo3 instead of being converted to .ooutline. New files of course use the new format as expected.

Converting right now is a slightly roundabout process:

  1. Open the .oo3 document
  2. Open the share sheet and select “Share As” -> “OmniOutliner Document”
  3. Select “Save to Files”
  4. Manually locate the directory, then save
  5. Manually delete the original .oo3 file

Is there a simpler way to do this, or is it limited by the document provider APIs?

When you open a .oo3 document, there will be a banner at the top that say “Old file format: some features are disabled.” with a “Learn More” button on the right. If you tap that button a popover appears with the option to Convert the file. This will create an .ooutline version of the file saved next to the .oo3 copy. It does not delete the old version but it’s more automatic than the steps you’re using.

If you don’t see the banner, then at some point in the past you likely decided to opt-out of it. To turn it back on, go to the document browser, in the top right tap the Gear icon > Settings > Warnings (at the very bottom) > switch the “Older file format” warning back on.