New Inbox Item button in Today View Widget?

I would love a shortcut to new inbox item in the today view widget.

Conversations with Omni Support Humans have said that widgets can’t bring up keyboards (too bad) so the dream of just typing away is out…but Evernote has a bunch of buttons to make new notes that take you to the app. I’d love a big “New Inbox Task” I could get to from anywhere on my phone underneath my list of tasks.


Maybe the widget can have a button that opens up OmniFocus and then goes straight to the quick entry screen for us to type something quickly…

It would be awesome to use the same format as Drafts:

123 + +clipboard

123 being the items in the inbox with a link to it, “+” a new task and “+ clipboard” a new task pasting whatever you have copied.

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@wilsonng, that’s exactly what I was thinking. It would just be a shortcut to OF with a flag to trigger the new task, same way Drafts/LaunchPad does it. @deadsunrise I would love a clipboard variation too if it’s all done in a clean way.

I actually bought the app somehow thinking that this very functionality was already implemented and was disappointed to find otherwise.

As I do not have a Mac at work, simple capture from the today widget was one of my primary reasons for buying into the iOS software. So, I add my voice here in hopes that at least a button will be added as already suggested. :)

PS: I did set up voice capturing through the Reminders app, which is nice, but voice capture isn’t always a socially acceptable option. :(

Mentioned in another thread, but the free app Launcher (or pay for some features) adds shortcuts to your Notification centre, and with OF’s URL scheme, you can easily make a shortcut to create a new inbox item.

Definitely a solid workaround. To add your voice to the feature request, make sure to email in!


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