New OmniFocus 2 user, with Pro-version from Mac App Store - How do I install Clip-O-Tron?

I can’t seem to figure out how to install Clip-O-Tron. I don’t see anything in preferences about scripts or clippings.

Is there something obvious I’m missing?

Good question. If you have OF1, run it, and install the Clip-O-Tron from its Preferences.

Omni were intending to provide a separate, downloadable version of the C-o-T, but I haven’t seen confirmation or a link yet

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Clip-o-Tron has been replaced by the "send to omnifocus"email service if you’re using Omni’s sync server. COT broke all the time when Mail was updated.

You can of course select the relevant portions of an email and use the “send to omnifocus” service which will clip that part and give a URL back to the original message. That’s what I use personally.

I tried the mail service and the results weren’t very impressive - the emails looked really janky. I much prefer the idea of being able to click a link from inside OmniFocus that takes me to the email inside, even if that breaks from time to time.

Hopefully the standalone download will be available soon.

You can do this today. Use OmniFocus’ “Send to Inbox” service. It works with selected text in an email, as I mentioned. It’s just the selected portion of the email rather than the entire email.

Clip-O-Tron uses a mail plugin which isn’t really supportable, and is against Apple’s advice (mail does not support plugins).

Bummer–I recently did a re-evaluation of the tools available and really the main reason I stayed with Omni was clip-o-tron. I like that specific functionality a great deal. :-/ Also, it stored a link to the original email in the task it created. Well, nothing else has got that feature that way either, but I’ll have to figure out whether I can adapt to this way of doing things or just stick with the old version of OF.

2Do has a very robust clipping feature. But, it doesn’t have the same project, forecast and review capabilities. Seems like you have to give something up in each app.

I have email from a Support Ninja saying that the clip-o-tron will be back as a separate download; in the meantime those of us who still have OF1 used it to install the clipper after installing OF2.

That’s all fine and good, but I have to wonder, ARE YOU IGNORING WHAT I’M SAYING?

If you use the “OmniFocus2: Send to Inbox” service, YOU GET A URL IN THE NOTES THAT WILL OPEN THE ORIGINAL EMAIL. You keep whining but the vast majority of the functionality is there through the service. It just clips the selected part of the email, rather than the ENTIRE email. AND YOU GET A URL TO IT.


I (and others here) use the Clip-o-Tron all the time. Its main benefit is that you can send the entire message from the message list, rather than having to select text before sending. Apart from the saving of a (tiny) bit of work, this preserves the message headers and, most important for me, the subject line. My experience, throughout my use of OF1 and the betas of OF2, is that the Clip-o-Tron works well and reliably.

Each time Mail is updated (basically every new version of OSX, you have to reinstall the Clip-o-Tron - a minor inconvenience 2-3 times a year at most.

At present, the only way to get the Clip-o-Tron installed is via OF1, as I described earlier. As I said, Omni have plans to provide a downloadable version (see link below), so I feel confident that they at least don’t feel worried about whether it’ll work.

I’m now using Shawn Blanc’s “Smarter Clip-O-Tron” script and it works great, particularly with LaunchBar. Highly recommended.

We now have a standalone installer for the Clip-O-Tron:


Is there a way to configure the standalone Clip-O-Tron plugin to include attachments when creating tasks from Apple Mail? It works wonderfully for the header and body of message. But, I can’t get attachments to come across into the Notes field in OF2.

Thanks for the kind reply. You seem like a really nice person.

The URL was not showing up to the original email for me. The clip-o-tron works much better and glad it’s back. Thanks to omnigroup!!!

I’m trying to install clip-o-tron and it keeps failing with the error message shown in this screenshot How do I correct this?