New OmniFocus widgets on iOS

I can’t help but think the new widgets are actually less useful, since now I can’t complete my tasks directly from the widget, which I used to do all the time. Anyone else feels the same?

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that’s the way Apple meant widgets to be.
Show information, but not make it actionable.
The latter is probably for a next iteration

@caruso YAs @Janov mentions, this is a limitation of iOS 14. If you’d like to be able to interact with this type of widget in the future, we’d recommend sharing that feedback with Apple! I think the best way to do that is via this webpage:

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If we had a widget that combined the Forecast (numbers) widget with Today (a list of tasks) I’d go for it. It would have to be a large one, I think. (I know @kcase was asking for comments on widgets a while back.)

Maybe this is one I’ll have to try to make with Scriptable - but it would be nicer if it were “native”.

In general, I think large widgets are hard to justify as so many of them aren’t information dense enough to warrant a whole screen. But this one would.

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