New to BusyCal...OF2 Integration

Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but how do I configure OF2 to integrate w/ Busycal?

What aspect of integrating with BusyCal are you looking for?
Are you trying to view your BusyCal calendar events in the Forecast view of OmniFocus?
Or have OmniFocus actions with due dates show up as events in BusyCal?
Or something else?

I have the same question. I would like to see OmniFocus actions with due dates show up as todos in BusyCal.

I had to abandon Calendar on the Mac due to continuing problems Syncing with Exchange. BusyCal works perfectly and, as you mentioned, I would like to view my BusyCal calendar events in the Forecast view of OmniFocus.

@hmartin216 I believe BusyCal calendars are already viewable in Forecast. Use the View Options eye in the toolbar to select which ones you’d like to view. You can find more details about this in our Forecast video.

@mbcann01 On the Notifications tab of Preferences, there’s a setting for publishing due items as calendar alarms. By subscribing to that published calendar in BusyCal (or any other calendar app), you can see the next two weeks of upcoming due dates in your calendar.

Thanks for the response. The only calendars that appear are “Calendar” under Calendars (On My Mac) and “US Holidays” under Calendars (Other).

@lizard Thank you for the suggestion. It worked. However, I would prefer to see it implemented a little differently. I’m not sure if you are familiar with BusyCal or not, but interface is sort of split into two sections. The bottom section displays events, much like iCal or any other calendar app. The top section displays todo items, that don’t necessarily occur at a certain time (that’s considered an event), they just need to be completed at some point during that day. Currently, my OmniFocus actions are displayed on the calendar portion of BusyCal. However, given the way I use OmniFocus, I think it would be more appropriate if they appeared in the “todo” section instead. But regardless, thanks again for your help.

@hmartin216 I don’t know how to fix this problem, but I can tell you that I’m experiencing the same thing. My BusyCal (icloud) events are showing up in the Forecast view in OmniFocus - no problem. However, my BusyCal items that originate from my work (Exchange) server are not showing up in Forecast. Perhaps @lizard has a suggestion for this issues as well?

Calendar has a similar differentiation between events and todos. We have a feature request tracking this.

I don’t have an Exchange server, and I’m not terribly familiar with BusyCal, but I’ll make some educated guesses…
OmniFocus only retrieves calendar data from your user account’s central “EventKit” calendar data. Calendar also uses that central calendar data. BusyCal might use both the central calendar data and some of its own separate data.

If you can see the missing Exchange items in Apple’s Calendar app but not in OmniFocus, then there’s a bug we ought to investigate.

If Calendar does not show those Exchange items, then you ought to be able to subscribe to the Exchange server from Calendar and have the items show up in OmniFocus (but still use BusyCal as your calendar app). This might cause BusyCal to show all the Exchange items twice, at which point you’d need to figure out how to hide one of them.

Glad someone brought this up. I have a slightly different preference. I was able to view my BusyCal events in OF2’s forecast but when I double click on events and choose “View in Calendar” it insists on viewing them on Apple’s Calendar and not BusyCal :( Is there anyway to make it trigger BusyCal instead? Couldn’t find anything to tinker with to fix this.

Sorry, there’s nothing to tinker with here. Please email our Support Humans ( to request this feature.