New to OG >> any way to "pivot" an object/group?

Hello all,

I am trying the 14 day trial. Below is a screengrab of a set of “stairs” that I have fashioned.
I am in the education field, and we are looking at portraying scaffolding/development of skills etc. across a curriculum.

Does OG allow for one to “pivot” the image, so that one is not looking at it top-down, but almost from the front, so to speak.
Physically – as an attempt to explain – this would involve ‘grabbing’ the image centre-bottom, at its lowest point, and ‘flipping’ it upwards.

The geometry inspector, allows one to rotate the image around its axis, but still maintains the top-down view. Ditto “flipping” it horizontally/vertically, and is not really what I am hoping for…

Any suggestions?

The drawings are still 2D. If you want a 3D rendering, I would guess you will probably have to go with a CAD program.

Ah thanks – I thought so, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something hidden away somewhere.

This will most likely be a once-off/not-frequent need, so will see if I can manage the pivot on something freeware, in terms of the CAD software.
Must admit though – I’m very impressed by how easy it was to do the above, after an hour or so, with no prior-knowledge of OG!

It is rather amazing. I do hit some limitations occasionally but am overall extremely impressed by ease of use and funcationality, esp after trying other vector programs like CorelDraw and InkScape. Only other one that seems to be close is Affinity Designer and I got lost in the features just trying to draw a simple shape.

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