New to OmniOutliner; title?

Is it possible to put a ‘Title’ above all the items at the top of the document?

Not as an OO item - but as plain text, please

If you go to the View Menu and select Column Headers:Show, it will allow you to name the main column.

Then, in the sidebar, select the Styles tab and you can format that Column Title.

Thanks so much, Rob!

Yes; got it :-)

In fact my project has two columns. Is there a way to remove the second (rightmost’s) column heading entirely so that the Header shows over both, please?

You’re welcome, Mark.

I don’t believe it’s possible to have one Column Title over both columns … but you can open the Inspector and center or right-justify the column title to get it closer to the 2nd column. I know that doesn’t do that you want, but it might be a small improvement.

Thanks (again!) Rob :-)

I’m new to OO (been an OF user for decades) and have to say that OO does a lot more than I hoped for or needed… small price to pay.

Much appreciated…

It’s really quite good, and thanks to columns and filters it’s more flexible than it first appears. Good luck.

Very good. As I dig deeper. Thanks again :-)