New user : omniplan vs Merlin vs Sg project

Hi there
I am going to buy an project management software. And considering omniplan, Merlin and Sg project
can you guys help me out with the feature between these 3 software .

Yours experience and input is much appreciated.
Thank you

hi i have posted this but still has no reply …
so i try to get answer in here especially from omni staff
I am a satisfied omnifocus, and omnioutliner customer …

so now i am thinking of getting a project management software
so currently there are only 2 left to choose which is omniplan and merlin
i would like to choose omniplan because i am satisfied with omni software , here are my concern like everybody else in this forum

  1. when will omniplan updated ? any rough release date ?
  2. will it integrate with omnifocus (integration is going to help alot in the future)
  3. has anyone been using merlin ? please share some review ?
  4. i read that merlin has omnifocus integration .

and is it even appropriate to ask about merlin here ?
the reason i ask here because i found this forum are all omni lover and so do i , so yours review and comment have more valued to me then other forum .

hope i got reply this time …


I too would love to hear of omniplan will ever integrate with omnifocus.

I’ve used both Omniplan and Merlin. They each have their benefits and disadvantages.

Merlin has some features that Omniplan currently doesn’t, mainly around managing costs. It has a very “serious” interface, more like MS Project than Omniplan. The user interface isn’t especially intuitive, but it’s very functional. Collaboration and synchronisation to phones/tablets is clunky and full collaboration means having to pay extra for Merlin Server. The IOS version of Merlin is free but very very limited indeed. The latest version (Merlin Project 3) has some good UI improvements.

Omniplan is more accessible, but has a more limited feature set (although Omniplan 3, in test at present, adds some major new features). I prefer Merlin’s use of screen space, but I think the Omni UI is overall better. Collaboration and synchronisation via Omnisync Server (or your own WebDav works well) and is free - but you have to buy the IOS version. However, the IOS version of OP is very fully featured.

I’ve used SG Project Pro on IOS (not on Mac). It’s pretty good, but having already invested in OP and Merlin for the Mac, I didn’t fancy spending more on SGP.

In current versions, I’d say that Merlin is a better solution for very large, complex projects and for handling multiple projects; OP is great for less complex projects. OP 3, in development, may change the balance. If it matters, both can import/export from/to MS Project

There’s a script to import from Omnifocus into Merlin. I don’t know of a way of going from OF to Omniplan yet - it’s a heavily requested feature and may come in future some time.

Both Merlin and Omniplan have trial versions. I highly recommend that you download and try the to see what suits you best.

Hope that helps