New User Question: How do I see all completed actions? [A: Completed Perspective]

I assumed the Completed Perspective would show me all completed actions. But it doesn’t. It shows a bunch of uncompleted actions. How can I see all completed actions? I don’t want completed projects only, I want to see the project hierarchy with a list of all completed actions showing within each project. I’ve played around, but can’t find a way to see that. I clicked the Revert button hoping I had made some change that messed this up and that reverting to the “canned” perspective settings would fix it. No change. (I’m on a Mac with Pro - latest versions.)

Appreciating in advance your help,

I found my own answer - Change the availability setting in the Completed Perspective View settings to “Completed”. I have to learn to think of “completed” as an “availability” instead of a “status”. And I still find it very puzzling that the Completed Perspective doesn’t default to showing Completed items.

It definitely shouldn’t; is it possible that you made an inadvertent change? You can always get back to the default using the item in the Perspectives Window’s gear menu.

Well… I used the Revert button when looking at the View settings while in the Completed Perspective. That did not, apparently, revert to the original settings. When I used the gear menu, the settings did revert to showing completed items only. So, I must have made a change. And then assumed that the Revert button went to the original settings when it must have just reverted to my previously made changes. So, all is well and I’ve learned a bunch.

Thank you Omni Staff Dave for your reply.