Newbie help. Adding a template from PDF

Hi there,
I’m just getting started using OmniGraffle and I’m trying to find a way to add a background to all of my diagrams for some branding purposes. I’m hoping to simply be able to import a pdf as a template and then add a diagram over top of it but I can’t seem to find a way to do this in the Ipad app. Can anyone help me out?

Ways To Place a Images on iOS

  1. You can create a layer in a document, then in Files, tap on your PDF. Choose Copy. In OmniGraffle tap the Canvas in a document and Paste.

  2. Save your images to Photos. Tap the + in a circle in the top toolbar in OmniGraffle. Choose All Photos and tap the preview that you want.

  3. On an iPad, enter split screen mode with Files. Drag the image, and drop either in the layers sidebar where you want it or on the canvas.

Once you have the image where you want it, you can Duplicate Layer in the Layers Sidebar, or if you are using OmniGraffle Pro, you can tap on the layer with the image and choose Share with All Canvases to create a shared layer.

Once the file is setup how you like it, tap the Share sheet (In the top toolbar it looks like a square with an arrow pointing up) and choose Create Template from Document. Then you should be able to create new files from your template.

I hope this helps! Drop us an email from Contact OmniGroup if you get stuck, or at We are happy to help!