NEWBIE QUESTION - Combining Calendars AFTER created

I have a launch with different projects occurring. I created them in separate schedules so I could combine and send out calendars to select groups (since not everyone needs to see the big, humongous calendar).
The problem is when I combine the calendars it pushes all the milestone and task bars to the current date with the constraint line trailing back to the original date.
It basically compresses the timelines into a straight up and down column. Very confusing and doesn’t look at all quality to send out.

What am I doing wrong? I just want the calendars to combine with the task bars and milestones in the right dates…not pushed forward.


@acherwit If the project has already started, you may want to set your “Current Editing Date” back to the project’s start date when you combine the two projects (Project > Set Current Editing Date… in the OmniPlan menu bar). OmniPlan always assumes you’re planning for a project that is scheduled to happen in the future, which is likely the behavior that’s causing you trouble.

If this doesn’t help, our Support team would be happy to look into it with you! They can be reached by email at Thanks!

Hi I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m asking, my bad.
I have created a master calendar with all the different projects laid out. My managers occasionally want to see just some of the grouped projects broken out of the master calendar in their own calendar (so TV is one group, print is another group, digital, etc). However when I grab those calendars from the master calendar, create a new page and copy them into that new empty calendar, all the icons are pushed up to the current date (with completions as if they were just completed today, and then the trailing lines going all the way back to the starting date.
I get that it always assumes we are moving forward, but when you copy and paste smaller calendars out of the master calendar, they should look the same and not confuse the viewer to thinking that everything just got finished today.
That’s what I’m trying to solve.

@acherwit Thanks for clarifying! Filtering your original project might be a better option that copying tasks out of the project and into a new one. For example, you could filter the project to only show the “TV” task group, then export it to an image format to share with your manager. Information about setting up filters in OmniPlan is available here: