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I´ve several questions. I´ve seen that to WatchOS 3, there are a more perspectives to show to Apple Watch, but…

  1. I don´t understand what´s do it mean each perspective like show this:

    I don´t understand this:
    Continuity (what we did before), a Custom Perspective (if you’ve purchased Pro), and Next Up (this is the item that we used to show in the Glance, based on selections you made in OmniFocus Settings)
  2. Version to Watch OS 2, the apple watch show a perspective like this image “List sailboat on craigslist”:

Is it necessary to be Pro or can I active this to omnifocus iOS?


Short Answer: You don’t need Pro! Try with Standard and see if it works for you.

Check out which I hope will answer your questions better as it also includes screenshots.

You can choose any combination of these items to show in your Today & Watch preferences on Standard: Overdue, Due Today, Due Soon, Deferred Until Today, Flagged, Inbox Items. The one thing that requires Pro is showing a Custom Perspective.

If you do choose to show a Custom Perspective using Pro, now the bottom tile has three choices you can switch between in the bottom tile, Continuity Tile, Next Up or Custom Perspective. You used to have to pick just one, but now you can switch between them while using the Watch. If you have OmniFocus Standard, you still can use the crown to scroll between two options for the lower tile which are Next Up (default) and Continuity Tile. The Continuity Tile follows what you have selected on the iPhone if it isn’t already represented elsewhere on the screen.

I hope you have fun trying out the new options and that one of them will work well for you. Even though I still don’t have the new Watch hardware just yet, watchOS 3 feels way faster to me than the last version!

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Now, I´ve tried “Continuity” and it works perfect!! This option it´s great to for example " To go shopping" :D
I wait soon version 2.17 to try other options to Watch :D

Only a question “Pro” to iOS:

How many perspectives like maximum can I to put in iPhone main screen?
To version Mac Omnifocus Pro I can to put much perspectives to side bar, to in Omnifocus iOS Pro? :)

I´ve version Mac Pro and I need to know with my last question if it´s much better iOS Omnifocus “Pro”

Thank you lanettest!!!

I’m so glad that you are liking the new Watch options too! I’m really excited for people to try them out and share what they use more. I use Next Up most often, but I switch to other choices using the crown when I need them and I’ve been enjoying having that option.

The number of perspectives (custom or standard) you can fit depends on the screen size of the device. You can tile them side by side if you have Pro, so that you have multiple perspectives on the same home screen line. I’ll send you a few screenshots so you can see what it looks like if you let me know the device size. For example, if you don’t want any regular perspectives on your Favorites home screen, and you have the iPhone 6, you can fit 14 perspectives in the top part of the home screen. If you have an iPhone that ends with Plus, it might be a bit more. Using a smaller screen size, you have less room, so iPhone 5s is 12 total perspectives and it would go down from there.


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If to iPhone 6 it´s maximum 14 perspectivas, this is too!! :) I think that I only will use 5 or 6, but this it´s good!! So, I´ll buy Pro to iOS.
If you can to put some screenshots to iPhone 6, this it will be great!

Thanks lanettest!!

Here’s what it looks like if you tile your favorites to fit in the maximum perspectives in iOS 10.0.1 with OmniFocus 2.17 on the iPhone 6S. Well, what it looks like including a picture of my cat I synced over from the Mac version. If you are going to tile perspectives side by side, you will want to use shorter names or else they truncate. If you need fewer, it works to have some lines showing just one longer perspective name while other rows show two shorter named items.

Home screen customization is only in OmniFocus Pro. When you are at the home screen in Pro, you pull down and then tap this icon circled in red below to reorder your perspectives. When you’ve dragged/dropped them all where you want them to show, tap the Done button.

Hope this helps you get set up! Have a great time with your Watch too!



This it´s perfect, I´ll buy version Pro. Perhaps, it will be best that widget Today and too iWatch, it was possible to see several perspectives, instead of one perspective, but thank you for your information, ,this is perfect.

Thanks lanettest!!! :)

I’m really happy that it’s the right information at the right time, I’m really impressed with it. Easy to screw up, but Omni avoided common mistakes. <3

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