Next action for each resource?

When I open OmniPlan in the morning, I’d like to be able to quickly see the next action for each resource in my project. Currently, I switch to the resources view and scan down the highlighted column for today, looking for tasks that are in that column.

Is there a way to generate a quick list or report showing me what each resource should be working on next?

I wrote a script to do this. Just select one or more resources in the Resources tab and run this plug-in.

(() => {
    var action = new PlugIn.Action(function(selection) {
      var resourceReport = Array();
      for(const resource of selection.resources) {
        if( resource.assignments.length == 0 ) {
        let sorted = Array.from(resource.assignments).map(assgn => assgn.task)
        sorted.sort((a, b) => a.startDate - b.startDate)

        resourceReport.push(`${}: ${sorted[0].title}`);
      new Alert("Next Action", `${resourceReport.join("\n\n")}`).show();

    // If needed, uncomment, and add a function that returns true if the current selection is appropriate for the action.
    action.validate = function(selection){
      return selection.resources.length > 0;
    return action;