Next review date of projects

I do my weekly review on a Monday if possible, however when I tried to do my weekly review today I had nothing in the list. I assume the issue is that i did my weekly review on a Tuesday last week as I had the Monday off so they have been set for tomorrow instead. But how do I find my projects that should be due for review today or when they are next due? The only thing I seem to be able to do is to initiate a review for every project whether it was supposed to be due today or not. Some of my projects are on a different review schedule so I only want to review the ones that should have been due today and are now due tomorrow.

It may not be the cleanest solution, but this is what I do:

Intro: I usually do my review on friday, but may postpone it till saturday or sunday.
My ‘trick’ is to subtract two days from the review-schedule I want. In this way, if I review it on sunday it will still be available for review the next friday.
So, weekly reviewed projects are scheduled for review every 5 days. Bi-weekly reviewed projects are scheduled for review every 12 days.

This does mean that if I do my review on friday, in theory, the next wednesday omnifocus will ‘say’ that there are projects to review (by giving the review perspective in the sidebar a colored bar). That’s not really an issue for me as I plan to do my reviews on a specific day/time, instead of ‘when there are things to review’.

That’s a great idea. I can work with that. It should take a few weeks for it to role through but I review most projects weekly, some monthly and a few quarterly.