No Email Notifications of new posts - is it me?

I don’t get email notifications on this new forum. Is it supposed to be like that, or is there some error somewhere in my settings? I have the correct email, and star topics, and it says Watching.

Is this an issue, or does the forum not send notification emails?

I’m going to keep brining this up until someone replies! :). I’m not getting any notifications of new posts or messages.

Me neither, I’ve just realised there are two replies to a post I made yesterday but I have not received a notification.

We were having an issue with the task runner that Discourse uses to queue and send out notifications that was causing the normal notifications to not get sent. It should now be unstuck (apologies if you’re getting a ton of old notification emails!), so please let us know if you’re still not getting email notifications.

You can also double-check how frequently Discourse will send you email notifications in your profile by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner and going to Profile > Preferences and scrolling to the Email section. Discourse does try to be smart and only email you notifications it knows you haven’t seen already, however within that email section you can also set it to email regardless of whether you’re active on the forum or not.

I have now got the notifications of this forums reply which is good. I got no other emails from the other forums, even though there is 1 message in the top right of the screen for a new post in a forum which states I am Tracking (You will receive notifications because you posted a reply to this topic.).

I will monitor it to see if I get any.

BUT… I am a bit concerned about Discourse trying to be smart, and not sending on forums I am active on. How does Discourse consider I am active? If I have not read a forum I would want an email, and if I have read it I would not want an email. I dont think Discourse needs to be any smarter than that and try to decide if I need a notification for anything else.

I do not think this setting is very self explanatory:
Receive email notifications and email digests even if you are active on the forum
We’ll only email you if we haven’t seen you recently and you haven’t already seen the thing we’re emailing you about.

Why not just call this “Receive email notifications on new posts if you have not read them”. Or something like that. Take a look at every other forum system out there, this setting is very clear elsewhere and they all work fine. Because “active” is not very clear. If thats what the setting means, then I should be set to receive new notifications if I have not read them, but I just dont know what “active” means. I could be very “active” reading other forums every 5 minutes but not the forum I have posted on, so I hope it still emails me a notification even if I am “active”.