No longer able to move text label along a line

Hi all,

When I create a line, and then click on the line (which highlights it) and then add a label to the line, I am no longer able to use the “Adjust position of the label along the line” slider in the Geometry panel to move the label along the line.

The other options (horiz/vert dimensions, and “Adjust distance of the label from the line”) all work fine, but the first slider is greyed out for me.

If I create a new document, it works fine. But on my current working file (that I can’t really do over) I can’t seem to figure out why this option is disabled on every line I create.

Does anyone know settings or config that would cause this option to be disabled?

I’m using Omnigraffle Pro 7.17.4.

Thanks in advance!

Hmm… I do not not know. I am not using 7.17.4 because of other issues (stencils not working). I also had troubles with 7.17.1 and .2.

Can you still drop down to 7.16? (I am asking Omni to place the GA version of 7.16 on their site [] for previous versions)

If you copy such a line and label to a new document. Do you still have this problem? If so, could you please email us a copy of that example to I haven’t seen another report of this issue so it’d be great to have a test case to diagnose. Thanks!

@DerekM The list of older OmniGraffle versions goes 7.5, 7.8.2, 7.11.5 then jumps to 7.17.4.

I found 7.16 to be a better back-level from 7.17 than 7.11, esp since there is a new file format in use. Would it be possible to add 16 onto the previous version list?

If you copy such a line and label to a new document. Do you still have this problem?

Hi @DerekM, when I copy a line with a label from the affected doc to a new doc, I do not have the problem. The “Adjust position of the label along the line” slider is active and can be used.

It is only within the original document that this problem occurs, unfortunately. But the problem occurs on all canvasses and layers.

I can try to make a copy of my original document, delete most of the work-related content from it and save and send you that one, if that helps…

@DerekM So it turns out that closing the document and re-opening it fixed the issue. I guess I don’t close Omnigraffle very often (I spend hours working in it every day). ;-)

Do you still want me to send the file through?

Glad to hear it’s working now! :) Sounds doubtful your file would help track down what happened, but if you encounter this happening more, please let us know.

That page is for offering the latest version before the minimum OS requirement was changed. I believe you’re aware of this, but for anyone else, all versions are available in the archive

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I did not know that but I usually keep a few extra versions around just in case. I will add that to my list of resources, though. Thanks!