No “Open in OmniFocus” option on iOS

I have a script I’d like to install on my iPad (downloaded from the OmniAutomation site, so I know it will work). When I click on the omnijs file, it doesn’t associate with OmniFocus. When I click on the Share option, and choose More, there is no Open in OmniFocus option - only a share option for OmniFocus (which thinks I’m adding a task). I am using v. 3.11.3 Pro.

Thanks for any suggestions about how to import this plugin.

If you use iCloud, you could move that .omnijs file into iCloud Drive/OmniFocus/Plug-Ins folder. It should be automatically recognized.z


I do use iCloud Drive. There was no OmniFocus folder, so I created one, and then created a Plug-Ins folder under that. Did not make any difference whatsoever.

It feels like maybe I need to start this process on my Mac?

UPDATE: So I went and started the process from my Mac, and it created the iCloud Drive folder. Then once I went back to the iPad, the JS file was recognized. So the answer is, start on the Mac.


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FWIW, taking as an example OmniFocus iPhone version, the screen in Settings > Configure Plug-Ins let’s you link any folder you want.

Please don’t take this as a criticism, it’s just a comment.

That’s no use if you don’t run OF on your Mac or don’t have a Mac.

I’d like to see more effort in general across the software community that iOS/iPadOS are first class citizens rather than add ins.

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There are 2 file extensions here:

.omnijs - valid for all omni apps
.omnifocusjs - will be associated with Omnifocus

If you want a script to be associated with Omnifocus immediately (so it opens OF) it needs to have the .omnifocusjs extension.

if you want omnifocus to use the scripts in the /Omnifocus/ plugins directory you will have to point it in that direction in the OF automation options, else the directory will also not be created. Copy any script there, and it does not matter what the extension is, both will work just fine, and OF will see them automatically on all platforms.

The process could be entirely done on iOS, at this time. Just downloading the file, and moving it to a linked folder. Then, the plug-in is automatically recognised in OmniFocus.

Thanks all. I was not able to get this to work until I had installed one automation on the Mac, then everything worked fine on iOS. Since I have both platforms, it’s no longer an issue.