No PDF manual available?

It’s nice to have an iBooks version, but is there seriously no PDF of the manual?

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I’d like to have PDF version as well so I could stow it away in Evernote. Nice that you included an iBooks version, but PDF is a more universal and easily used format that I can use anywhere (as well as take advantage of all the PDF viewers out there that can do annotating, etc.).

There is no PDF manual available. It’s a lot more work to convert HTML into a nice PDF than a nice EPUB. We also expect the update experience to be better: when we make changes to the EPUB, iBooks can let you know there’s an update, and even carry your annotations over to the new version.

@applejosh Thanks for taking the time to explain when a PDF is more useful to you. iBooks does allow for notes and highlighting, but isn’t available on non-Apple devices.

All due respect, but I write documentation. It’s not a big deal to convert HTML to a PDF. You tweak it correctly, then just print to PDF. I’ve been writing ebooks for more than ten years that are available as PDFs and ePubs.

For what it’s worth, I’d rather be able to open a file than have to open an app - iBooks - to read a manual.

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I could easily be mistaken, but I recently noticed in the help for OmniGraffle Pro 6, and I think for OF v. 2, that there is no place to do a search for text that might exist anywhere in help. Is that possible? thanks

I also would prefer a PDF manual or two. You can’t print iBooks and for long documents (which is what the help & workbook are) I much prefer referring or working through paper-based text as opposed to on-screen reading. I use OmniOutliner and the recent release of that provided both epub and pdf versions of the manual and “Working” book. That was great!

Use to convert ePub to pdf; works well.

Peter H

No, there is currently no way to search our online help. We are aware of this issue and working on a solution.

This site looks useful but the Omnifocus2 documentation is in the proprietary iBook format and not ePub so the problem still exists.

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Thanks for replying. Still not happy about an iBooks-only format. I don’t use iBooks for anything really; my reading material is either in PDF format on on the Kindle. While I understand your reasons for doing it this way, I think it’s an imposition to those of us who don’t regularly make use of iBooks, being invested in other mediums and too curmudgeonly to want to change.

I got the manual via iTunes and it is an ePub format and have converted to PDF!

Peter H

Would love to have a PDF version as well.

Not a fan of ePub.

2 more reasons that I want a PDF -
1} I’m not willing to give them my credit card info for a free manual
2) I want to hold the manual in my hand while I try to figure it out, rather than having to skip back and forth between windows.

I’m with kirkmc on this one. When I was writing long architecture docs for my company my documentation contractors who did the formatting had a script that spit out HTML, PDF, epub, and mobi (kindle). You guys should really be doing all of them as it only adds benefit to your end users.

Who said you have to give them your credit card number?
I have no credit card number entered & can download the manual.

@Kema on the credit card I assume you mean because of the iBooks requirement? There are some work arounds for that though I don’t know if they still work

Some people prefer to store their eBooks in a database like DEVONthink (or Evernote), for example.

You can’t really do this with iBooks.

@savantier 100% agree with you, I think PDF is expected, just trying to understand the CC statement made earlier. I think we should have iBooks, Mobi, PDF , and HTML.