No- Project tasks

Wondering about best practice. I have created various roles within folders and then housed projects related to those roles in the same folder. I then created single action lists to hold tasks related to those roles but that did not warrant a project. It is seeming cumbersome to me to have 9 extra task lists. I wonder if I’d be better off go8ngbwithbthe one OF default Misc Project and let all non project tasks migrate there. Thoughts?

Don’t have an answer for best practice, but I’m following this thread to see what others are doing.

I am in the same boat. I have created separate folders. I created one “project” with unrelated single action tasks. My biggest issue is if one of those SAL is due, OF3 considers all items in folder or “project” due.
I would love to hear how everyone manages single action list.

I think my problem is how I have my perspective set up.

I found it helpful to think about my structure in a few ways:

  • projects are containers for similar actions, but also serve as reminders of larger outcomes/purposes, making sure that I make actions about those things
  • folders are so that I look at similar projects together, in the event that one is affected in the context (no pun intended) of another

With this in mind, I have two folders of “Domains”, which are single action lists that pertain to either professional or non-professional areas of focus. Having them serves as a trigger for the creation of actions about each of these. Examples of domains include:

  • Finances
  • Home and Household
  • Professional Development
  • Team
  • Administration

So a lot of times, if I have “loose” actions that I need to do, it almost doesn’t even matter that much to me what project they belong to, since for me, the purpose of the project is less of being a container, and more of being a trigger for other actions I haven’t captured yet. Also, I am usually working from a perspective like Tags or Forecast, where the action is the featured thing, as opposed to its project.

This may not be best practice, but I lean towards as simple a structure as possible for things like this.

Interested to see how others approach this!


I find a per-folder SAL works best for me, but I also make frequent use of the Mac’s Focus feature, so it makes sense to keep all tasks related to a given domain in a single grouping.

If you’re not using Focus, I don’t think there’s a wrong answer; just go with whatever structure feels most comfortable.