No prompt in OF to migrate database [there's an intentional delay]

I updated all of my devices today to the latest version of OF that has the new attachment storage and sync system. I have two MacBooks (work and home) and 3 x iOS devices.

I updated the home MacBook this morning to v2.9 and my 3 x iOS devices to version 2.19 and fired OF up on all devices so that they would sync.

When I arrived at work, I updated my work MacBook to v2.9 and fired OF up to sync.

According to the release notes: “Once all of your syncing devices are running a version that supports the new system, you’ll be prompted to migrate your database.”

I haven’t got this automatic prompt yet. Problem?

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I manually ‘migrated’ the 2 macbooks I have.

Hi @PeterW! Good question, and thanks for being proactive about migrating your database.

OmniFocus checks for migration readiness at regular intervals, and should eventually pop up the prompt. In order to avoid bothering folks too frequently, though, this interval is set rather long; it may take up to a day to prompt you.

You can use the Migrate Database… item in the File menu to start the process manually, if you like. That will let you get your migration done right away, and will also tell you if there’s any other copies of OmniFocus syncing with your database that are preventing migration.

Thanks for using OmniFocus!

Just to be sure: I only have to migrate my database once, right?

I am asking this because after I updated OF on my iMac I got a prompt on my iPhone to migrate. That went successfully, but when I returned to my iMac I saw the same prompt, and I couldn’t migrate on the iMac (and I cancelled it). Everything works OK though as far as I can tell.

That’s right, @lexvo — you only need to migrate from one of the clients since that client will migrate the server database (which will sync to your other devices). Hope that helps!

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Thanks Tim.

Thanks, Steve!