No sidebar badges in custom perspectives

Not sure whether this is a bug, but I’m not seeing the small yellow or red sidebar badges next to projects/contexts with a count of tasks that are due soon or overdue. Works just fine in the standard perspectives (Projects, Contexts), but not in the custom ones. Is this intentional?


Yes, this is intentional. Those badge counts don’t take into account any custom filters or Focus you may have applied in your custom perspective, so showing those numbers in those perspectives would give you an inaccurate summary of your database. We certainly don’t want to mislead you about how many tasks are visible in a given perspective!

If seeing those badges in custom perspectives would be helpful to you, would you mind dropping us a line with a description of how they should behave (and maybe a bit about how they tie into your workflow)?

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Thanks! I’ll send an email. Cheers

Just wanted to chime in here. I’ve also submitted this as a feature request. As someone who works primarily out of custom perspectives not projects and contexts, only having badges for those two isn’t very helpful.


Is there any place to find out what requests are likely to make it into a future releases of OF?

I sure do miss seeing the badge counts in the left side panel. They only appear in the project view, which I would only like to use when I’m planning.


A little late in joining this but is there anyway to include this feature? I too work out of custom perspectives most days and would find them most useful.

Hi there. Still hoping this feature will be added to OF2, because it’s the reason I’m still using OF1… I’ve got custom perspectives set up in OF1 that focus on particular sets of folders, and OF1 doesn’t have any problem showing me how may due soon/overdue are within each one. Is there a reason why this functionality exists in OF1 but can’t be transferred to OF2? Here’s hoping…

Hi there! I need this feature too… like A LOT. I get that the omni team don’t want to take the risk of misleading us, but I think it is our responsibility to use features wisely and pay attention to how our custom perspectives are set up and work.