No templates in OO 2.7 iPad?

I just went to create a new outline on my iPad running OO 2.7 and there are no templates available except for default. On my iPhone (also running 2.7 universal) there are a whole bunch of templates to choose from.

How do I restore the templates?

Hi @funkydan2, sorry for the trouble here. I just checked my own installation and my templates are there. If you go into Local Documents, pull down on the screen and tap “Show templates” do they appear? Or are you saying that’s blank?

Hi @anne,

When I do as you say (select “show templates”) it’s blank except for the words “Tap here, or on the + in the toolbar, to add a document.” It’s the same whether I’m looking at the OmniPresence or Local Documents folder.

When I click the ‘+’ in the toolbar (in either folder), the only template that I’m offered is ‘Default’.

Was this a new install of OO on this iPad? If the first launch was interrupted, it could have prevented the templates from being copied over. You can restore them by showing templates like you previously did, then tap the gear menu in top right and select Restore Sample Templates. Unfortunately you have to do this one at a time. Alternatively, you could delete and reinstall the app if all your file are stored in OmniPresence so they can be restored.

Thanks @DerekM.

It wasn’t a new install, but had been upgraded. However, restoring the templates as you suggested worked. I’d tried that menu item previously, but when I was in the ‘Show Outlines’ section and it only displayed some pre-filled examples rather than the templates.