No way to show item counts on perspectives still?(MacOS)

Just wondering if it was possible - I really did expect that in OF3!

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Are you talking Mac or iOS? On Mac, this is shown underneath the perspective title, but I don’t believe it is exposed in the UI of iOS.


Apologies I should have specified - MacOS. Although, would be useful in IOS as well

Seems more than useful to have a visible count in, say, the top right corner of the perspective square so you can see at a glance how many tasks are actually sitting in there no?

I don’t know. For myself, I don’t really refer to that information much. It’s interesting, but not really actionable. Do you find the count changes your decisions or helps inform your approaches? I’d be interested to understand.


Well for me it would be really useful to be able to glance at my “Important & Urgent” perspective and see if it had anything in it, rather than having to click to check TBH - it would also give me an dashboard idea of how much work I have in any of my visible perspectives, seems genuinely obvious functionality to me!

This still doesn’t seem to be available on iOS… I really wish it was! Any chance to implement?

Nothing sadly. It’s obviously useful and not something that could reasonably be a distraction and should be easily turned off anyway. Can’t believe we’re waiting for simple dashboard functionality after all this time.

This really needs to be added - why is such a simple thing not just a shoe in?