Non continuous resource availibity

I really enjoy Omniplan (iOS) ! I work with many resources who don’t have continuous availibity through the week. They are assigned on tasks for several projects and we try to associate two resources (that have common availibity one day) on one task.

My issue occurs when a task last for few non continuous days. But Within this period, one the two resources can work with an another one on another project. In this case, the workload calculated in Omniplan for the resources are continuous and we can’t assign one resource during this period who, in reality, is not working continuously on the task. I use the resource levelling feature. How can I manage the assignment in this situation?

Sorry for the complex explanation. Thank you very much for your support.
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I don’t have a solution for you but just so I understand - something like this:

Task lasts 5 days (Monday to Friday)

Janet can work on the task on Monday and Thursday
John can work on the task Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

The rest of the time, they’re on other tasks and not available for this one

You want Omniplan to calculate workload baed on 2 days for Janet and 3 days for John over the 5-day duration

Is that what you mean?

Yes. But the problem is :
Let say Mike can work only on Tuesday and Thursday and is associated with John.
If I do that, the workload for John is continuous and is equal to 100% from Tuesday to Thursday. And so, I can’t associate John with someone else on Wednesday (overload). In reality, John is free this day.

Thank you for your help

Happy to help, but I’m not sure I’ve wrapped my head around the issue, at least not in relation to the scenario Nick described.

For the five days/1 week of effort to be completed on Friday, Mike would need to work on it for two days, and John would need to work on it for three days. Since John is only available three days a week in Nick’s scenario he needs to spend Wednesday on that assignment, doesn’t he?

(If it’s easier to describe in pictures, you’re welcome to send some example screenshots that illustrate the issue to and we can assist that way.)

OK - understood

There is a way, but it’s not nice.

Creat 2 resource records for John called, say John-Mike and John-only. Set John-Miek’s work schedule via off hours etc to exclude Wednesday. Set John-only’s to exclude Tues and Thurs.

You then have to perform some tricks to total all of John’s commitments and costs

And it collapses under its own weight if you have many people allocated to many projects

Sorry - that’s the best I can think of

Thank you Nick for your suggestion. Sadly, since in my case I have several members in the team who are potentially able to be associated with one of the others, I should create many virtual members, as many as potential combinations.

Thank you for your help. I’ll try to search further an easier solution.

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