Non standard ports

Is anyone aware if OmniPresence will support WebDav servers that use non standard port numbers (not 80 and 443).

I’ve set out on a small project to repousse a raspberry pi I’m not using a sync server. Because at least my ISP blocks incoming traffic to port 80 i figured it wouldn’t be a big issue to host the server on something like 8080 to be able to reach it from both home and remotely, and then just forward to pot to the correct machine. I’ve tested that Transmit is able to connect to it with out issue, but when I try and set up Omnipresence to use the same server I get this error

It looks like OP only accounts for 80 and 443, but I’m wondering if I’m missing something? Is there another syntax to tell OP to look for the share on a different port?

OmniPresence should support nonstandard ports – we definitely understand the need to configure around firewalls or other network conditions!

In this particular case, have you tried adding the scheme to the URL? Instead of starting with sync…, you’d start with http://sync….

If that doesn’t help, please feel free to email our support team! They can provide some limited support for custom server configurations like this one.

Thanks, I figured that out pretty quick after looking at my screen shot. I guess as a sort of rubber duck debugging. Getting some http errors now but I should be able to sort that out on the server side.