Non-stop notifications

i keep getting notifications for tasks that are long past complete or dropped - tasks from months ago! i get the notification as “[name of task] plus 53 more” (53 is just one of the numbers, it’s often higher than that)

i’ve gone through my omnifocus on my mac and made double sure everything is reviewed, dropped or completed, and synced with my iPhone so this is the same, but this still keeps happening.

i originally thought it might be related to context/location but it happens at home and at work (with the notifications, which cover tasks in both contexts and those with no context)

i read that there was a similar issue for someone in Dec 14 but this is still constant for me, and seemingly not related to location. it used to happen once a week or so but now it’s almost every day. i really don’t need to be reminded about things i completed 3-4 months ago!