Not able to rearrange order of perspectives in the sidebar

Curious if anyone else is having this problem - when I try to rearrange the order of perspectives in the sidebar, most of the perspectives have a little handle for grabbing and rearranging, but about 7 or 8 of my perspectives are without handles and can’t be rearranged. Is this a bug, or might there be some characteristics of these perspectives that require them to be anchored in place in the list?

It looks like a bug. I just grab a few of the ones with the handles downward, get out of edit mode and then get back into edit mode to show the handle bars again.

Thanks, that worked! At least temporarily - seems if I move one of the perspectives around, exit edit mode, then enter again all of the handles show up. But then some of the handles disappear again after scrolling around a bit. At least I can move what I want before that happens. Will report it as a bug. Cheers

I’m convinced this is a bug. I have the same problem every time I create, modify, or rearrange items in the left menu. The other problem I have is, sometimes when I tap on a custom perspective to edit a different perspective opens. I think OF2 is keeping track of the list fine, It’s just having trouble keeping the dispay updated properly.