Not all tasks in a project show on Mac

I don’t know if I’ve done anything in particular, but tasks that are in a project on my phone (iOS) are not showing up in the same project on my Mac. Both say 1 remaining, but three were due 7 hours ago and have not been marked as completed. I can see these on iphone but not on Mac. Why? Any assistance is appreciated.

do they show up if you set the availability setting in the perspective to “remaining?”

No - they’re not making it across at all. Even in show all, they’e not present. I marked one as done (organise money) and pulled down to get the sync happening but nulla. On Mac, hit the sync. Nada. iPhone signed out and back in. Nyet.
It’s probably something obvious, but I’m just missing it.

I’d email support, they would probably be able to help you fix it.

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