Note Background Color Reseting

I have tried to set the note background color globally to be black by selecting the note level in the side bar and then changing the background color in the inspector.

I have a few different row colors. My goal is that all the note backgrounds will be black,no matter what the row color is at that level.

When I first set this up on my MacBook Pro, it looks fine. I can even save the document and reopen it, and it looks fine.

When I open the same document on my iPad (syncing through Omnipresence) the note background color changes to match the color of whatever row I am on. Then when I go back to the MacBook Pro version, the note background color has changed to match the row color just like the iPad.

What am I doing wrong? Is it not possible to have a different note background color than the row color on iOS versions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!