Note icon is skipped when entering new inbox item (via control-option-space)

When I quickly enter a new inbox item (via control-option-space), I can tab through all fields, except for the note icon. In earlier versions of Omnifocus for Mac, the note icon was not skipped and allowed me (by tapping space) to quickly enter a note for the item. Now, I have to grab my mouse and click on the note icon.

Is this new behaviour? Am I overlooking something?

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If you’re editing a non-note field (e.g. Defer Until), you can press ⌘’ to move the cursor to the note field. The note field will automatically be revealed if it’s hidden.

If you’re in the note field and press ⌘’, you’ll be taken back to the title field of the action.

This works both in OmniFocus 3 and OmniFocus 4 (currently in TestFlight).

On a side note, pressing ⇥ while you’re in the note field will insert a tab.

⌘’ is working. Thanks for your reply!


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