Note taking with Pencil?

I’d use it a lot, depending on how good the integration is.


I would like have this in omnioutliner a draw tool with a handwriting recognition and templates! And I would like have apple watch app for quick note or audionote!


I’ve been trying different note taking apps. I must be a tough crowd, I haven’t found anything satisfactory yet.

I wish OmniFocus apps would except Apple Pencil hand writing. That would make them just about perfect. Until they do, I thought I’d chime in with a recommendation for 2 apps that do. Having spent too much time and money looking for a notetaking app for my iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil (original), I found 2 of about 10 that fit the bill (almost) Notability and Noteshelf2. These are the only two apps I found that:

  1. work flawlessly with Apple Pencil, no lag
  2. convert handwriting to text
  3. import and export PDF documents WITH hyperlinks intact. This is important if you want to use iPad with a pdf digital planner, journal, reader etc. Most of the notetaking apps that import PDFs also kill the hyperlinks. That kills any index, calendar and date planner features or or other useful hyperlinks needed to navigate a document or book.
  4. Search for a word within imported PDF documents as well as handwritten entries.
  5. Sync to multiple clouds; iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote and more
  6. sync seamlessly across devices
    Notability and Noteshelf2 have differences, of course. Notability will search for a word across all it’s notebooks while Noteshelf2 Well only search within one notebook at a time. For me, that’s a dealbreaker however, Noteshelf2 Is a much better writing experience. It has a wider/better choice of pens and colors and the writing experience itself feels better. More fluid, your handwriting looks beautiful on the page.
    As I said, I wish on the group would implement Apple Pencil hand writing into their apps but until they do, Notability and Noteshelf2 are good alternatives .
    Now all I have to do is learn how to use them to make an outline! Lol.
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