Notes Icon Flickers While Navigating

OF2 Rev 206608

When I arrow down from project to project in the left column, I noticed the notes icon will flicker. Subactions that don’t have any notes will get a flickering icon as well. Is anyone else experiencing this? I can post a screen recording if needed. For now, I’ve attached a layout of the projects in case it matters.

In general, please email us bug reports. It’s possible to miss things on the forums, which are better suited to conversations and explaining how to do things. (However, I happen to know we’ve already got this particular bug filed.)

I did report it as a bug, but I wanted to find out if it was just on my end because I’ve had problems with OF1 that no one else was experiencing besides myself.

Maybe open another forums category that allows people to talk about bugs to see if they are actually bugs? That will help keep those conversations separate from the how-to threads.

I would be curious to know about existing bugs if people talk about them somewhere to avoid the bugs myself or to experiment to see if I get the same results.

I’m not saying forums over emails. The bugs should still be submitted, but discussion about them is not bad since this is one big test forum.

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