Nothing happens when clicking "buy now" after trial expired

I installed Omnigraffle from the Mac App Store and ran through the trial. Now I get the Unlock Omnigraffle window when I launch it. I’ve selected Unlock Standard which lights up the Buy Now link. So I click Buy Now…but nothing happens.

I uninstalled and reinstalled OG from the MAS but it brings me right back to the same spot. I click Unlock, Buy Now, and nothing happens.

Any ideas?

Sorry to hear about the trouble. On my first few attempts, I’m unable to reproduce that issue here.

Try anything you’ve not yet tried in If that doesn’t resolve the issue for you, please reach out to us at


Thanks Lanette. I ended up getting email support from your staff and was able to resolve this by uninstalling OG, signing out of the Mac App Store, and then signing back in and reinstalling.