Notification Center Widget not working [fixed]

Thanks for the 2.1 release and thanks for the widget, the problem is there is nothing in it. I have a number of actions for today and it’s showing as “no items”.

Any idea what’s going on?

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Are the items actually due today and not overdue (i.e. due yesterday or previously)?

Nope, there were all due at some point today, as I test I marked them all as complete, now what’s showing is the 1st due item for tomorrow. Definitely something strange going on.

What time zone are you in? Have you changed time zones recently?

EST, not change timezone for a while.

For me it’s stuck on showing some due items from yesterday. I’ve deleted the tasks from OmniFocus, but they still appear in the widget. I’ve also tried removing and re-adding the widget.

GMT timezone here (UK).

Maybe your dates are “deferred” and not “due” and therefore not showing up?

For me, the widget is showing tasks that are due today but not yet available. It would be so much more useful to filter only to available tasks instead of remaining.

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Please remember the best way to report bugs or get help with mysterious misbehaviors is to email This is especially important when you’re running a test build—the whole point of these builds is so you can help us find (and fix!) bugs before we make a formal release.

No problem. Sent 👍

This issue should be fixed in r225151. If you’re still having problems in builds with later revision numbers, please get in touch with us via email!

Yes, it’s now working fine for me. Thanks.