Notification problems on watchOS2

I’m using OmniFocus 2.8, iOS 9.0 and watchOS 2

I’ve not had a chance to try and test this properly yet but I’ve seen some odd behaviour in watchOS 2.

Firstly, notifications seem to pop up an OmniFocus logo before the actual notification appears.
Then, I’ve also seen what seem to be multiple notifications that seem to repeat and be hard to dismiss.
Where there are multiple notifications they all seem to pop up one after the other, and it feels like the ‘dismiss’ button disappears before I have a chance to dismiss the notification.
I think most of them were location based notifications. Will try and test further to understand what’s happening.

I have seen the same behaviour on 2.8 in watchOS 2.0, indeed for location based.

I have been struggling with Watch notifications for 24 hours. I finally turned off Notifications in icloud from my phone then turned it back on so that is now working. What I cannot get to work is directly capturing into a list I have in reminders called “capture” for my omnifocus. It says the list does not exist in my reminders. I am having this same problem with another app that uses reminders to import (AnyList)