Notifications for Flagged + Deferred tasks?

I’m wondering if I understand this correctly. I have several tasks that are flagged and deferred. It’s something that will be high priority when it is available, but I can’t do it now, so there’s no point in seeing it. That said, checking the “Highlight perspectives” box for Flagged items seems to highlight the perspective if there are any flagged items anywhere in the database, even if those tasks are not yet available. Is there a way to change that?


Would opening and editing your flagged perspective (if you have OmniFocus 2 Pro) help?

You would:

  1. Go to Perspective > Show Perspectives
  2. Click on the “Flagged” perspective (or the “Hightlight perspective” you use)
  3. On the right, you can set whether it is only showing available items, first available items, remaining items, or all items. You can also set if it is sorted by project or due date.

Hope this helps some!

I actually heard back from Support on this one, but just to clarify: I’m referring to the default “Flagged” perspective that ships with Omnifocus 2. The perspective behaves as expected in how it displays tasks, so long as the view settings are set to show Available tasks, items that are deferred will not appear. However, if you select this check box in the Preferences > Notifications Page:

it will Highlight the perspective icon. That “Highlight” feature does not follow the same rules as the perspective though. Even if the perspective is set to only show Available items, the highlight will persist if there are any Remaining flagged items.

I would call it a bug, but either way, there does not seem to be a solution available at the moment.

Was a solution to this ever found? I really like flagging deferred items but can’t stand seeing the perspective highlighted when there is nothing available.

This is still a bug in version 2.5.2. Annoying.

Confirmed on 2.7.2 as well. Just sent an email to support but due to Christmas / New Year holidays will probably won’t hear until January.

EDIT: unless I am mistaken I also have the same issue (bug) with Review perspective as well.

I’m really disappointed to see this issue is so old and still hasn’t been fixed. I’ve recently found what I think is a quite reasonable use case for having deferred flagged tasks. I have recurring, weekly tasks to move my car for street sweeping. They are due when street sweeping starts, but they’re deferred until the day before street sweeping and flagged so that they appear high-priority before they’re due. This renders the flagged badge useless on the Mac because of this bug.