Novice question - next action on emails?

Dear all
I’m new to OF and actually also GTD so here come a novice question. I as many of you gets my tasks via emails, but how to do you sort of the next possible action but more important how to you later connect your completion with the mail?. I mean:

  1. I get a mail
  2. I identify the next possible action
  3. Move the mail @in_progress
  4. Then do the action, but the @in_progress will likely have a billion mails with many different actions
    So how do you connect them? And then perhaps there will be a follow-up next possible action?

I likely try to create too many projects? Or too few?

Setup: Work is a Windows environment using Outlook so will use pen/paper to track notes and then do the action things in OF (but also have OF for Mac, so can do some quick updates and reviews at home)

Thanks in advance.

Do you happen to have an iOS device? That would help you mark things off on the go.

If I understand you correctly, your asking how to make sure the next action for an email is capture and that you can track the progress.

If that’s your question, I’d consider making an email that requires multiple steps or back and forth it’s own project so:

Email from Jan about asking you and two other people for input on the Johnson job would get its own project “Johnson Job” outline what you’re responsible for. If emails come in that tweak or and to your responsibility you can with send them to yourself and make them a task in that project or copy pertinent content into the notes of a task you already have.

I hope that helps, but if not let me know, because I must have misunderstood you.

Hello Jamynt

Perhaps I forgot to mention that I have an iOS device. I have both iPhone and iPad and will bring both to work, my iPad will be my little todo manager also next to me.

I just feel that all mails and more or less everything will be projects except extreme simple things.