Numerous crashes in Forecast [fixed]


I have crashed at least four times since downloading the latest build. Currently, I cannot even launch OF2 without immediately crashing. I will send in a bug report, but in the meantime, is mine an isolated case or are there widespread issues with the latest build?


We just killed builds 208011 and 208014. You want 208016 or higher. There is no need to contact us with issues in those builds unless they persist after 208016.

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Same here, but it’s fixed in 8021

@lizard, thanks. The crashes started immediately after I downloaded and installed the build I was sent through “check for updates”. Since it crashed upon launch, there was no way for me to retrieve a newer build through OF2. I accessed the build repository, downloaded and installed 208021 and all is well again (except there does seem to be a bit more lag when switching tabs than there had been…).