Objects from stencil are tiny when dragged to canvas

User of Graffle since version 4. Currently on OG Pro 7. Somewhere along the way to version 7, my stencil objects became tiny when dragged to the canvas. They use to be sized something reasonable but now they are so small, you can’t recognize or use them until stretched larger. I guess I’m fed up with it and thought I’d speak up here in case there’s a fix. Ideas? TIA

I had issues early with my stencils I created until I figure out the scale of the stencil was off vs the scale of my drawing.

Are these new or existing drawings?

Also curious on which version of OG you are using. I am sure Omni would want your feedback, esp if you can do a QT movie of it and maybe provide them a copy of the stencil. While they haven’t been able to fix all the items I have found, they have been pretty responsive but they are really short staffed right now.

Thanks @ScoutsHonor. I don’t see any way of controlling the stencil scale. It happens with most but not all stencils. Oddly, I thought I was on the latest OG but when I checked, I am not. I am on OG 6 albeit “the latest” 6. LOL.

Here is the video: https://vimeo.com/668575072

The way I finally figured out the best scale was to draw in my target drawing at scale, then copy into my templates.

I sometimes also use a grid to help size objects/grouped items to the desired size.

The template file is basically the same as a drawing file with a set scale. The Canvas Inspector shows you the units and scale of the items.

I don’t have any experience with OG 6.x. I started with 7.x and have topped out at 7.18.6 until I can upgrade my MacOS (closing out business books using older software that won’t work past 10.14.6)

I think you figured it out @ScoutsHonor. I don’t have the forum creds yet to post an image but I noticed a checkbox in the UNITS section of the CANVAS palette. It was checked. Unchecking it solved the problem.